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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Special Olympics 2010 USA National Games

One of the things I enjoy about photography is that I learn something every time I pick up my camera.  When I go shoot, sometimes there's a happy accident here, a new setting to try, a new location. What I learned last May was more than just a new setting, technique or location.

May 2010 was my first experience with Special Olympics.  A colleague of mine is heavily involved with the Special Olympics in Nebraska.  She was in charge of organizing the volunteers to photograph the events throughout the week.  I was fortunate enough to be invited to help cover some of the events this year.  I was excited to combine both volunteering and photography.

I showed up for my first assignment.  Speed Skating.  The dim lit rink was filled with skaters of all sizes, anxious to get on the rink.  I sat on one of the benches and began to get my equipment ready.  I remember being a little nervous because I hadn't ever been in a situation like this before.   An athlete sitting on the next bench said "Gonna get some good pictures today?"   It made me smile as I said, "I sure hope so.  Are you going to skate well today?"  He immediately smiled and replied "We're all going to skate good today."
Often times fun and sportsmanship are pushed aside for an athletes focus on performance and winning.  Being in that rink.  Sitting next to that athlete was a breath of fresh air.  He said "We're going to skate good today." As in all of the athletes in the rink.

The rest of the event was eye opening.  The athletes acted as if they were all on the same team.  I witnessed some of the best sportsmanship and biggest smiles I have seen in a long time.  Every athlete I came in contact with was having fun.  Not because they won.  Not because the medal they received.  It was the camaraderie with fellow athletes and coaches.

This week, the Special Olympics USA National games are being held in Lincoln, NE.  We are volunteering, along with, 60 University of Nebraska CoJMC students.   If you have time and live near the area, come down to witness these events.   They are truly inspiring.

Opening Ceremonies begin on Sunday at 3pm at the Bob Devaney Sports Center.
See this page for a schedule of free events.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Red, White and Zoo

Went to the zoo today to try some HDR photography.  Used the 9 shot bracket burst, one stop in between shots.  Sounds like a gatling gun.  Processed with Photomatix Pro.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meet Omaha

My photo appeared, double truck, in the May 2010 Spirit magazine.  Read the article on Omaha here: